All About Orthodontics

AirdrieAn orthodontist is a dentist who has continued on to completed extensive training to become specialized in the field in the correction in the alignment of teeth.

Often the decision to go to an orthodontist is inspired by your general dentist. Your dentist may feel that orthodontic treatment is necessary do to poor jaw alignment or crocked teeth.
It may be the decision is yours because you feel that straightening your teeth will help enhance your smile. For what every reason a Certified orthodontic specialist can address your concerns.

Teeth that are crocked crowded or not in proper alignment can lead to further complications. Such as abnormal wear, inadequate chewing function, stress to teeth gums and bone as well as jaw joint pain, which can lead to headaches, face and neck pain.

Cory Liss Orthodontics has a wide range of treatments available to our patient’s and the treatment options are much more economical then most people realize. With flexible payment plans and treatment solutions, you could have the smile you have always wanted.

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