Types of Appliances

AirdrieAn orthodontic appliance is anything that an orthodontist attaches or inserts in your mouth and teeth to move them in a desired position. There are many different types of appliances that orthodontists use to help them achieve the treatment results.

The success of the treatment is largely dependant on the patients compliance with each appliance.

Appliances used during treatment

Herbst Appliance
The Herbst Appliance is used for severe class 11 (overbite) corrections in younger kids ages 9-11. This appliance is fixed in the mouth and helps to bring the lower jaw forward, it is usually worn for about 12-15 months.

Head Gear
This appliance is used to move the upper molars back to make room for crowded or protrusive anterior teeth.

The W-Arch is a fixed appliance that works to widen your upper arch and helps correct a crossbite.

A Biteplate is a removable appliance used tp open a deep bite or correct a crossbite.This appliance holds the upper and lower teeth apart helping the teeth to move downward.

Retainers are used to hold the teeth in their desired position once treatment has been completed. They may also be used to make minor changes to the teeth. Retainers can be fixed or removable and they be completely clear or have some wire construction. Retainers are a critical part of your treatment and should always be worn as instructed.

These are rubber bands and are worn to improve the fit of your teeth. Since the way your upper and lower teeth fit together is a major part of your treatment it is important to wear the Elastics as you have been instructed.

Life with Braces
Knowing what to expect once you have made the decision to get braces can make things easier. It has been our experience that most people adapt to their braces or appliances very quickly.

What can I Eat?
It’s probably easier to talk about what you should avoid while you are in orthodontic treatment. The first few days you will want to stick to softer foods and avoid anything to crunchy or chewy. Avoiding the following foods will help insure that your braces and appliances are protected from damage and that means fewer visits to the office.

Chewy or Sticky foods foods – hard breads, sticky candy’s, caramels, gum
Crunchy or Hard foods – popcorn, ice, chips, nuts
Do not bite directly into foods – corn on the cob, apples, and carrots
Mouth habits such as biting on pens, pencils and finger nails can also damage your braces

What to Expect
If is not uncommon to feel some initial soreness when you first get your braces, your teeth may be tender to the touch. This feeling may last 2-4 days and usually does not require any medication but if you do need to take something, Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) usually takes care of it. Your lips, gums and tongue can become irritated and this too will subside with time as you become accustom to the braces. A warm salt water rinse (5ml of salt in a glass of warm water) will help with any discomfort you may have. You will be given some orthodontic wax that can be applied in the areas that are extremely irritating.

Teeth May Feel Loose
It is expected that some of your teeth will feel loose, this is normal and there is no need to be alarmed. Your teeth need to loosen before they can move, they will tighten up in their new , corrected position.

Brackets come off the Teeth
Brackets may become dislodged from the tooth. This usually is a result of mouth habits, or eating food that are not recommended. A bracket off the tooth is not uncommon and there is not need to panic. Usually the wire holds the bracket from falling off completely, so it will just spin around on the wire until you are able to come in and have it put back on. If the bracket does come off the wire you can keep it and bring it back with you. Call the office to book an appointment to have the bracket replaced.

Pokey Wires
As teeth move and change position your wire may start to protrude out at the back. Your can use a blunt object (end of a pencil) to try to push the wire under the intact archwire. If you are unable to do so, dry the area well and place a piece of orthodontic wax on the area that is causing the irritation. Call the office so we can clip the wire for you.

Taking Car of Your Appliance
The success of your treatment is a joint effort of the patient and the orthodontist working together to achieve the treatment results. The orthodontic team can do the technical work but the patient, is directly responsible for following the instructions given and maintain a health mouth during treatment. Any removable appliances should be kept in their case when they are not in the mouth to avoid being broken or lost.

Brushing and flossing your teeth becomes even more important as the appliance creates obstacles in the cleaning process. Failure to maintain your oral health during treatment can result in damage to the tooth structure.

Sports Guards
Mouth Guards are recommending when taking part in any contact sport to protect your smile, whether you have braces or not. Specially designed mouth guards that fit over your fixed appliance will help ensure that your teeth are protected. Talk to the office if you require a sports mouth guard for your activities.

Once you have achieved the desired treatment results, we want to make sure that it stays that way. Many factors can play into the fact that teeth have a tendency to want to shift and drift. Factors such as facial muscles, mouth habits and the aging process all play a role in this. Once you are give a retainer, it is your job to ensure that you follow the instruction you are given In the beginning the retainer will be worn fulltime, only taken out to eat and brush and floss. You will then be asked to wear the retainer part-time. When you initially receive your retainer you may have a little slurred speech but you will quickly adapt to it and no one will even know you are wearing it. Retainers are breakable, so it is important to take good care of it and insert and remove it with care. They are expensive to replace so be sure to take good care of them.
When your retainer is not in your mouth it should be in the case that you are given. Retainers should be brushed with your toothbrush and some warm water. You can soak in some mouthwash once a week to keep it fresh. Pets love to use your retainer as a chew toy, be sure to keep it in the case and up away from their reach. Your retainer should be taken to every follow up appointment. Do not leave your retainer on the dash of a car, place it in hot or boiling water or leave it in pockets or napkins. Should you loss or break you retainer it is important that you contact the office.

Referring Offices
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Did You Know
An Exam in our Airdrie orthodontic office usually lasts 60-90 minutes
We take a series of Digital Pictures and complimentary Pan and Ceph. All X-rays and Picture can be viewed and printed from our interactive link on our Dr. Login, located on our website.  Your patient would also have access to these pictures as well as account information and appointments on our Patient Login, located on our website.

Our rewards program is designed for patient compliance and rewards your patients for attending regular recare appointments in your office. We have set up a number of confirmation systems to alert your patients of up coming appointments in the office including text messaging, phone confirmations and e-mails.

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