Smile Rewards Program

One of the biggest challenges we have as an orthodontic office is to encourage patients to maintain their oral health while they are in braces. For this reason Cory Liss Orthodontics has implemented a Smiles Reward Program. This Program is a fun way to encourage patient cooperation during treatment.


How Does it Work?

At your first visit to our office you will receive a rewards card. This rewards card the same size as a credit card and fits great in a wallet. Better yet we will put it on a lanyard and you can wear it into the office.

When you come back for your appointments the assistants will check to make sure you were on time, that you had nothing broken and that your teeth are nice and clean, they will add points to your card accordingly. You can save those points and redeem them for valuable gift cards; all you have to do is take good care of your braces and teeth.

You can come to our website, click on the rewards card and enter your card information to see how many points you have and what you can trade them for. You will also see all the different ways you can earn points.

When Do the Rewards End?

The rewards never end, the card is yours to keep and earn points with. Follow us on facebook for contests and fun happenings and follow our website rewards page, for ways to keep earning valuable points.

Lost or Damaged Cards

These rewards cards are a great way to encourage you to take care of your braces, so make sure you take care of your card. We will be happy to replace a lost or stolen card but it will cost you 15 points. So take really good care of it.