Orthodontic Technology

Where would we be without technology? Well the world of orthodontics is no different. The orthodontic world is changing as well due to advancements in the technology used in the treatment options. Many of the advancements make it easier for the orthodontist to have greater predictability on the treatment outcome, better diagnostic tools, reduced force to more teeth and esthetic options.

Diagnostic tools such as the ICAT, 3D scan which takes a 3D image of your head to allow Dr. Liss to visualize the teeth, roots and jaw.

Treatment option such as Damon (passive self-ligating brackets), Isignia, (custom brackets and wires), Invisalign, clear aligner technology.

Technology is moving us in a great direction for the treatment of, crocked teeth and misaligned jaws, and Dr. Liss takes advantage of this technology in his treatment options.

The Damon™ System